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For more information feel free to call us. We are constantly adding additional items to our inventory.


Comes with 2 firing pins, 2 Leaf springs and tool to install springs. 




Perazzi factory spare trigger cases. BRAND NEW. All remaining colors at this time are RED only



Spare trigger cases. BRAND NEW. These cases are made by Negrini and are identical to the ones Perazzi sells. These say Giuliani on them


Perazzi "One of a Kind Custom Top Latch" Tiger in Gold with Lion head on lever. SCO Extra engraving pattern

Very Unique

Lowered to $1399

Perazzi High Tech Forearm Iron


Perazzi forearm iron that came off a High Tech. Nickel Finish and in excellent like new condition. Serial #160XXX. High Tech forearm iron is the same as standard Perazzi’s 



Perazzi Type 4 Forearm Iron 


Perazzi type 4 forearm iron serial #140633 in Pristine condition 




Perazzi custom engraved top latches. These custom top latches are exclusive to LOMBARDO SPORTING ARMS and are very unique with the custom piercing. Custom Pigeon, Lion, Pheasant, Eagle Head Piercing


SCO Engraved Blued with Pierced Lion Head POR

SCO Engraved USA flag in White or Yellow Gold with Eagle Head POR

SCO Engraved Blued with Gold Crown and Pierced Pigeon Head POR

SC3 #100 Engraved Silver with Pierced Pheasant Head POR

Custom Silver top latch with Pierced Pigeon Head POR

SCO Engraved Silver w/Gold Crown and Pierced Pigeon Head POR

SCO Engraved Silver w/Gold Crown and Pierced Eagle Head POR


Lombardo Sporting Arms can pierce the top lever with any design so if you desire something custom, give us a call 

Price on Request


Perazzi triggers can be ordered in any configuration and with any engraving pattern of your choosing 


Externally selectable with leaf Springs


Non Selectable but with Coil Springs


Externally selectable with Coil Springs


Selectable and with 5 position adjustable for desired length of pull. These can be with leaf or coil springs


Engraved to match your receiver. See engraved trigger with #101 pattern 


Worried about breaking a leaf Spring? Switch to a dropout trigger with coil springs and never have to worry. This trigger has a custom hammer that moves the firing pin flush with the breach face so you don’t have to switch your locking block if you change to a coil spring trigger 


Call or email for price on which configuration you choose 


Premium brass snap caps. Made in Italy High Quality Design. For 12 gauge




Perazzi SCO Engraved Safety Buttons. Upgrade the look of your Perazzi with these beautiful 100% hand engraved SCO Safety buttons. Ramp style that make it significantly easier to remove and install the trigger. Can also be ordered in SC3 engraving patterns

$175 For Engraved

$100 For Plain un-engraved

Perazzi SCO Full Leather Combo Case NEW


Perazzi factory SCO full leather combo case. Fits complete gun and 2 barrels over 34 inches long 


Price on Request 

Perazzi Top Latch with Gold Pigeon and Pigeon head piercing

100% Hand Engraved 


Precision Gold Trigger: All Parts Available 


Lombardo Sporting Arms has all parts available for Precision Gold Triggers. In stock and ready to ship. I received a lot of inquires from customers wanting to get rid of their Precision Gold Triggers, worried about what they would do if they broke a part and they need replacement parts. Now you can get all parts needed for your Precision Gold Triggers to keep these great triggers going 


Hammers: $180

Hammer Springs: 

Sears: $117

Cocking Foot: $80

Tree: 80

Inertia Block/Connector: $90

Connector Plunger: $9

Trigger Return Spring Plunger: $9


I also have options if your triggers are release as well 

Perazzi TRUE Mechanical Trigger Group


FINALLY a True Mechanical Perazzi Trigger Group. This as been an idea I have had for several years and finally Giuliani and I have come up with the first true mechanical trigger. These will be a Lombardo Sporting Arms exclusive. 


If you shoot sub gauge, no longer will you have to worry if the trigger will reset for the second shot, you will NOT have to switch to a larger inertia block


If you shoot flyers, where having a gun malfunction is not an option, this will eliminate any issues a Perazzi trigger can have if you go to a coil spring, mechanical trigger. You don’t have to worry about breaking a leaf spring and you don’t have to worry if your first shot doesn’t go off. For example a bad shell 


These will be available in multiple configurations. Coil or Leaf spring. Set back trigger blade or standard or adjustable trigger blade. We can also engrave the trigger to match your current gun SC3 or SCO 


Depending on how you want your trigger configured, will adjust price but for a standard coil or leaf spring mechanical trigger. Price is $1450 with a trigger case included 


I have a video showing how the trigger works that I am happy to email or text as I can’t upload a video in the listing so feel free to contact me if you would like to see the video 

Fiber Optic Front Beads for Perazzi, Krieghoff, Beretta 


Custom Fiber Optic Front beads for Perazzi, Krieghoff and Beretta. These will be a Lombardo Sporting Arms exclusive. For the first 50 I sell I will include a custom screwdriver with purchase of a bead. I will also be offering standard white as well with a flathead screw style soon 


First 50, cost $20 dollars with screwdriver included 


After first 50, cost of bead $20 dollars and $5 dollars for screwdriver 

Perazzi 12 gauge forearm iron with 28 gauge forearm 


Perazzi 12 gauge forearm iron in PRISTINE MINT condition with no serial number on it. Fit to a 28 gauge sporting wood forearm. This would be for a 28 gauge barrel going on a 12 gauge action/receiver 



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