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Here at Lombardo Sporting Arms, all of our products are made from the best materials available. This item is not only the highest quality, but also comes in a variety of options to ensure you’ll find what you need. For more information feel free to call or email us.

Perazzi SCO barrel with Briley Chokes 


Perazzi SCO barrel in PRISTINE MINT condition. Serial #112XXX. Bluing is perfect not a single mark 


Barrel specs:

28 3/8 inc

11x11 rib

18.4 bore

1.550 kg


Full set of Briley S2 chokes: Cyl/SKT/I.C/L.M/Mod/I.M/Full



Perazzi 4mm ramp rib barrel Tom Wilkinson Tuned 


Perazzi 4mm ramp rib barrel serial #127927 in pristine condition. Tuned by Tom Wilkinson 


Barrel specs:

31.5 inch

4mm ramp rib

11x7 tapered rib

Pro Ported

18.7 but after Tom’s work mic’s .740

Stamped 1.680kg but after Tom’s work 1.624kg

Fixed choke .025/.035 (Improved mod/Full)



Krieghoff Pro Sporter 32 in barrel 28 Gauge with 410 tubes


Krieghoff K80 Pro Sporter 28 gauge barrel in 32 inch with drop in .410 Briley Tubes. This is a 28 gauge barrel that fits the K80 12 gauge receiver. Barrel is absolutely PRISTINE/LIKE NEW condition. 


28 gauge barrels come with the following chokes: 2 Briley extended Skeet chokes. 2 Muller U2 chokes 


The .410 tubes come with SKT/SKT/I.C/MOD



Krieghoff 30 inch Flat rib barrel 


Krieghoff 30 inch flat rib barrel in pristine mint condition. Comes with full set of factory titaniums: Skt/I.C/LM/Mod/Improved Mod



Krieghoff K80 Trap Special 32 inch O/U Barrel 


Krieghoff K80 Trap Special 32 inch barrel that is LIKE NEW comes with #3 and #4 steel chokes and LIM and IM in titanium 



Perazzi 3 Notch Adjustable rib barrel 


Perazzi 3 notch adjustable rib barrel #147XXX serial number in excellent condition 


Barrel Specs:

29.5 inch

3 Notch adjustable rib


18.4 bore

11x11 rib

Bottom choke has full set of factory flush interchangeable choke tubes

Top barrel is fixed .040 (Full)



Perazzi 32 inch 28 Gauge Barrel for MX8-20 Receiver NEW/UNFIRED


Perazzi 32 inch 28 gauge barrel that will fit a MX8-20 or MX20 receiver. Barrel is NEW and UNFIRED. Serial #117XXX. 


Barrel specs:

32 inch

28 gauge 

13.9 bore


10x6 tapered rib

Comes with full set of factory flush choke tubes 


Current List price from Perazzi on this barrel is $9100 with a 7-8 month waiting time if ordered 




I also have a set of MX8-20 or MX20 Forearm iron available and a high grade 28 ga forearm available if buyer wants a separate forearm and iron for this barrel 

Perazzi 34 inch top single New Style 100% Point of Impact 


Perazzi 34 in top single barrel with the new style tapered 100% point of impact rib. These barrels are designed to shoot 100% with beads stacked. These barrels have hardly been shot, only few boxes fired through these barrels and remain in mint condition. Serial #158XXX 


Barrel Specs:

34 in 



11x7 tapered rib

Fixed choke .033


Barrel is in pristine condition 



Perazzi Flat Rib barrel ZZ/Bunker/Pigeon


Perazzi flat rib barrel serial #126XXX. Perfect ZZ/bunker/pigeon barrel in pristine mint condition 


Barrel Specs:

29.5 inch



Tapered flat rib 

Fixed choke .026/.040



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