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For sale is a true masterpiece. This is a Fabbri Grand Lusso. The gun was imported from Len Puccinelli in the late 70’s. Serial number E499. The gun is engraved by Angelo Galeazzi and the gun comes with all the paperwork stating Angelo engraved the gun.  Total weight of the gun is around 7 ¾ pounds. 
The gun has 29” original barrels never altered with the top barrel being FULL and the bottom barrel is Improved Modified. These are Bohler Super steel barrels. The barrels  are stamped 1.430KG and the top barrel is stamped 18.4 bore and the bottom barrel is stamped 18.5 bore. 
A year ago the gun was restocked with a beautiful Turkish walnut stock and forearm. The length of pull is 14.5”
The gun has auto ejectors and non selectable single trigger. 
The gun has been shot very little and is in amazing beautiful condition. The gun comes with all the original documentation including all the original breakdown case with extra sets of firing pins and leaf springs. Also has original cleaning kit and snap caps. $89,995


Fabbri serial #3361. Proof code puts it at 1980. Gun has been test fired only and remains in MINT Pristine brand new condition. Purchased from the original owner 

Engraved and signed by Tomasoni with exquisite game scene engraving. The detail in the engraving needs to be seen in person to appreciate the perfection 

Barrels are 29.25 and fixed choke .021/.036. Bore is 18.5 and stamped 1.470KG. Rib is 11x11

Stock measures 14.625 length of pull. Dimensions: 1.14 x 1.47 x 1.94. Has right hand palm swell and cast off at the toe of .50. The fact that the stock dimensions are this high gives a lot of value to this gun because restocking these guns is very expensive. With dimensions this high, there is a lot of wood for anyone to have this stock fit to them 

Gun comes with original full leather luggage case. Replacement value on this gun today would be well over $140k



Beautiful Fabbri in fabulous condition. Serial #E63X. Proof mark AN which is 1985. Spectacular deep relief engraving. These guns are getting harder and harder to find especially with 30 inch barrels and with original HIGH useable stock dimensions. These guns are very expensive to re-stock so when you find them with a high useable stock, that is a tremendous value added. You will find most Fabbri’s were stocked with very plain wood but this original stock is a gorgeous piece of walnut with perfect straight grain through the wrist 

Barrel Specs:

30 inch



Comes with full set of Briley thin walls from Skeet to Full 

Stock Dimensions:

1.22 x 1.417 x 2.00

Cast off at the toe of 1/2

Length of pull 14.75



Fabbri Goddess of the Hunt signed and engraved by Tomasoni. Serial #32XX date of gun 1977 and in pristine condition. Hard to find them with these perfect specs in both barrels and stock. Custom Stock just built with exhibition grade Turkish Walnut. 

Stock dimensions:

1.14 in x 1.22 in

No palm swell

1/2 cast off at the toe 

Length of pull 14.875

Barrel Specs:

29 1/8 inch

Boehler Super Blitz Steel

18.5 bore


10x7 tapered rib

Fixed Choke .025 bottom (Improved Mod)

Fixed Choke .042 top (FULL) 

This gun is perfect in every way and in MINT condition, comes with factory leather case

Price on Request


Wilson Combat Supergrade


5 inch


Only 1 magazine fired through the gun. MINT Pristine Condition 



Beautiful Piotti model King 1 side by side 2 barrel set. Single trigger and in excellent condition. Total gun weight 7 lbs 13.5 ounces with 29.5 inch barrel. Year 1980

Barrel 1 specs:

29.5 inch

18.4 bore


Full set of Briley S-1 chokes: Cyl, Skt, Skt, I.C, L.M, Mod, Improved Mod, Light full and Full

Barrel 2 specs:

27.5 inch

18.4 bore


fixed choke Skeet/Skeet

Stock dimensions:

1.49 x 2.08

Neutral cast

Length of pull 14.50

Gun comes in original manufacturer leather case, original paperwork




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