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Ljutic Dyna Bi Gun Trap Combo Gorgeous Wood 32/34


Ljutic Dyna Bi Gun combo in excellent condition. Gorgeous Dockwiller Exhibition grade stock set. Wood like this today would be at least $6-7k. These are getting harder and harder to find and this one has been a safe queen for years and remains in fantastic condition. Currently this gun fires release/pull, if the buyer wanted it pull/pull, I can provide part to make it pull/pull. 


Stock dimensions:

1.30 x 1.53 x 2.40

No Palm swell 

3/8 cast off at toe

LOP 14.25


Barrel specs: Single barrel

34 inch

.740 bore

Comes with 3 extended chokes: .008/.020/.027


Barrel Specs: Over/Under

32 inch

.736 bore


Fixed choke .023 and .038 


Lowered  $7999

Fabbri IVO Pinless 12 Gauge 


Fabbri IVO 2002 Pinless Model in LIKE NEW condition. Serial #E85X. Engraved by Creative Arts but also engraved and signed by Master engraver Ugo Talenti which was one of the founders of Creative Arts in a beautiful fine floral pattern with full coverage large swags of flowers, foliage and ribbons in a background of small scroll. Many different layers of depth in this engraving pattern. Pinless sidekicks with hidden screw under flap on right lockplate. This gun is 100% original as it came out of Fabbri and remains in LIKE NEW condition with Gorgeous Turkish Walnut Stock 


Barrel Specs:

29.5 inch Demi Block barrels with Vacuum Remelting Steel 


18.5 bore

10x7 tapered rib 

Fixed choke .021 bottom and .035 top 


Stock dimensions:

1.50 x 1.875 

No Palm swell

5/8 cast off at toe for right handed shooter 

Length of pull is 14.125 but to very thin 1/2 pad

Total weight of gun is 7lbs 10oz 


Comes in original Fabbri leather case 

SOLD Pending Funds

Yildiz Pro Sporting 32 inch Sporter NEW


Yildiz Pro Sporting 32 inch sporter BRAND NEW. Lombardo Sporting is now a dealer for Yildiz. 2023 gun Serial #79-H23UU-XXXXXX. These are non dropout trigger guns that come with beautiful upgraded wood and barrel selector on top


Barrel specs:

32 inch


.732 bore

10x7 tapered rib

Comes with full set of factory chokes in: CYL/I.C/Mod/Improved Mod and full


Stock dimensions:

1.375 x 2.00

Length of pull 14.625

3/8 cast off at toe

Factory adjustable comb


Weighs perfect at 8lbs 7oz



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