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This is a De Luxe grade with a 30 inch vent rib barrel. Serial #22710. The gun has been reblued and remains unfired since. 

The original 30 inch barrel was Improved mod and full but has been re-choked to .010 (Improved cylinder) on the right barrel and .020 (Modified) Left barrel.

Stock on the gun is an exhibition grade english walnut custom stock by S&S Plus. Comes with an ISIS recoil system. Stock dimensions: 44mm x 53mm x 63mm at the monte carlo. Length of pull is 15 inches. Stock has small right hand palm swell and slight cast off for right handed shooter

Gun will come with new leather breakdown case. Asking $10995

Winchester Model 12 Custom Paul Jaeger Engraved 


Winchester Model 12 signed and engraved by Paul Jaeger. Serial #1825XXX. Manufactured in 1958. Custom Engraving with gold inlays. Engraving on barrel and magazine tube and magazine band. Amazing detail in the gold inlays. Gorgeous wood with adjustable comb and fleur-de-lis checkered forearm and pistol grip


Has a 30 inch vent rib barrel with Briley Series S-26 chokes. Comes with Diffusion/Light Mod/Light Full/Full/X-Full


Stock dimensions:

1.375 x 1.375 x 2.20

Small right hand palm swell

Length of pull 14.75

3/8 cast off at toe


One of the nicest Model 12’s I have seen 



Winchester Model 21 Connecticut Grand American 2 barrel 32/30


Here is a spectacular PRISTINE/LIKE NEW Winchester Model 21 Connecticut Grand American 2 barrel set in 30 and 32 inch Vent Rib. Serial #W384XX. Gun comes with original stock and forearms that has never been fired and then a custom One of a Kind Wenig Custom stock set


Both barrels have Briley Thinwall Series S-26 and comes with 17 standard chokes and another 7 Eccentric Chokes: IM/FULL/SKT/MOD/SKT/LM/LM/IC/SKII/MOD/IC/LF/FULL/IM/X-FULL. 


Eccentric chokes: IM 70/30, MOD 70/30, LM 67/33, IM 77/23, MOD 72/28, LFULL 82/18, LFULL 87/13


Wenig stock dimensions: 

1.25 x 1.73 

Right hand palm swell

3/8 cast off at toe

Length of pull 15 inches 


Gun with 32 in barrels weighs 8.3 lbs 

Gun with 30 in barrels weighs 8 lbs



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